How to solve downline attrition forever

What If You Could Create a True Residual Income

That Involved No Over Priced Products to Sell,

No Monthly Fees and High Customer Retention?

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I don’t like hype, so I will try to dumb this down and not get carried away with painting pictures of living the dream and ‘creating a six figure income for doing nothing’.
Firstly if you believe that you can create a real income by doing nothing, then I suggest you click away right now because there is no such thing as money for nothing and I only work with people who have some work ethics and understand that true results only come from working to get them.

Former Struggling Network Marketer and Aussie Mum Reveals this Unique and Sustainable Business Model that Networking Veterans are All Fired Up About and Restoring Their Faith in Residual Income.

My mentor,Jenni Ryan,personally sponsored 95 people in 18 months.Here is some of what she says

“I have been in the industry for 10 years and the first 4 years i failed miserably trying to sell nutritional products and recruit like crazy to sustain some sort of income , which ultimately almost cost my marriage and resulted in a whole lot of unwanted debt.

I thought I was doing everything right! I was following my uplines advice to the T

Eventually I came online and after much, much hard work and determination went on to become very successful in the online marketing community and made as much as $10k in a day. Now I don’t say this to impress you, because if you really knew how hard I had to work to get there, it’s seriously not that impressive.

Then I Teamed Up with Some Other Marketers
to Go on and Build a Top Producing Partnership
And Becoming One of the Biggest Producers in that Company

Things were great! We were smashing goals, driving tons of traffic and converting people into that program like wildfire. In some of the earlier months we were doing over $100k in a month in sales. We were presented with 2 master marketing awards on stage and we were buying our whole team dinner and drinks at events. We became the new hot shots of this community. We held trainings for our team and for the whole community.

Everything Was Going in the Right Direction …… Until

All of a sudden, our marketing came to a screaming halt when 2 of our best traffic sources shut our ads down all at once. This is common in the home business space unless you figure out how to write copy and build funnels that don’t talk about making money or even hint at it.

The residual income component of this business model was only minimal so unless we were producing a LOT of traffic then everything came to a halt. It took a long time to get back on top of things, but eventually we saw less and less results and worst of all…. our team was also NOT getting results . Ethically we couldn’t bring anyone into a system that could not help the average person get results.”

Duplication is Only Achievable When The Biggest Obstacle is Removed –Selling Over Priced Products to Family and Friends.

In  my previous MLMs , the biggest challenge was duplication and helping other people get results.

If you can’t help others get results then there is something wrong with either your business model or the system. It took me a long while to understand this, so don’t worry if you haven’t quite got there yet.
In my 5 years that I spent spinning my wheels in MLM, the biggest issues were retention and duplication.

No one could duplicate.

The majority of people even struggled to sell products, so they end up spending ridiculous amount of money on auto-ships or monthly minimum purchases to retain their qualifications and eventually they would quit because they were drowning in debt and no closer to their goals.
This is exactly why I and many other leaders in the industry are ditching the traditional MLM comp plans and high ticket direct sales companies for this completely unique business model.
Here are some of the direct benefits of this new business model that has piqued the interest of very experienced Networkers because it allows the average person to be able to build a potentially very profitable business with long term residual income.

  • No over priced products to sell
  • No sign up fees or monthly costs
  • Brings customers and retail merchants together for a win win situation
  • 47,000 new customers a week globally
  • 12 year old company
  • Open in over 45 countries and rapidly expanding into Asia and other continents
    No auto-ship

Introducing Lyoness… the World’s largest global shopping network with a cash back card that you can use at 30,000+ merchants around the world. Watch the short Overview to learn why 20 year veterans in MLM have ditched their dead downlines and over priced products for this new model.

Watch video here

Please note: Although the presentation says is addressing Australia/NZ the model works the same in all 46 countries that are open the only difference is each country has different merchants.
I have never seen a better opportunity to truly change your financial future. No need to sell juices, shakes or jewellery. Instead it’s possible to create a residual income and solid business on everyone’s every day shopping (gas, groceries and clothing) around the world purchased from the thousands of loyalty merchants within Lyoness.

One of the biggest frustrations in MOST MLM or Network Marketing companies is the constant attrition and the large volumes of people you need to sponsor to be able to create any sort of income. Often people are caught in the 1 step forward and 3 steps back because of how many people quit!

Here is a chart that outlines the benefits of the unique business model of Lyoness Vs traditional MLM. Lyoness is a shopping network that has a residual income component that is paid to you if you refer others to shop through the Lyoness network. Simple.



One of the many things that has disheartened me in both network marketing and online marketing is what most people in the industry already know is that it is A LOT harder than it looks or anyone tells you. In fact very few people ever make any money... no matter how hard they try!
The majority of people quit before they ever turn a profit or even break even. Frustrated, feeling disappointed and feeling like a loser they give up on their dreams and goals and ‘settle’ for the less than fruitful life of never ending debt and spinning their wheels.
When my mentor Jenni Ryan showed me Lyoness,I knew I had come across something special. It ticked ALL the boxes and solved most of the hurdles and challenges the average person had because there is no over priced products to try to sell to your friends and family and there are no monthly costs. And given this very reason, as you can imagine, the retention rate is very high because why would you quit when it’s not costing you anything and you are getting cash back on your every day purchases through our many loyalty merchants.

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